LibreOffice Calc Tutorial

This page contains all the LibreOffice Calc Tutorial grouped based on the learning curve. You can read them and grasp the concept of LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc Tutorial Index


Work Area

List of articles describing the very basics of Calc and helps to understand the work area of Calc.

Workbook and Worksheet

Concept of the workbook, how to save Calc file formats to Microsoft Excel formats, view multiple workbooks together. Add, Insert, Delete, Copy, Move, Rename a Worksheet, Split, Zoom, Freeze a worksheet.

Formatting Cells

Formatting a cell value to multiple ways, data and time, currency, fractions, text to numbers, numbers to text.

Find and Replace: Basics, find, replace, replace all, deleting blank rows.

Templates: How to use templates in LibreOffice Calc with example.

Data Validation

How to do basic data validation while accepting input in Calc cells.

Count and Sums

About counting and sums.


Cell references

Advanced and Misc

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