Make LibreOffice Calc Sheet Fit to Page for Print


In this guide, I will show you how to make a LibreOffice Calc sheet fit page for print and also explains the print ranges.

LibreOffice Calc Fit to Page

There is a difference between printing a sheet and a document. A LibreOffice Writer document is typically similar to an A4 size paper – if you think about actual printing.

But in contrast, a LibreOffice Calc sheet is different. Hence, the question becomes how you define the print ranges (i.e. what are the cells to be printed). That includes printing as many cells as possible to fit into an A4 paper (or any other size).


To explain this concept, I have prepared the following sheet with the below data blocks. As you can see, the entire blocks of data can not fit into a single A4 size page.

Sample data with default print ranges in LibreOffice Calc sheet
Sample data with default print ranges in LibreOffice Calc sheet

In the above image, there are dotted lines across columns and rows. Those are the default print ranges. That means, when you print them, each page should contain the data confined into those dotted lines (marked in red arrow). To try it out, hit CTRL+SHIFT+O or File > Print Preview, and you should see the data is not uniform on a single sheet of paper.

Default print preview shows multiple pages with print ranges
Default print preview shows multiple pages with print ranges

But how can we fit all the data into one page? Yes, it’s possible.

Define Print Range

Firstly, we need to define a print range. A print range is a range of cells in scope for printing. For example, you may have thousands of cells with data. But you want to print only, say, 100 cells. So, accordingly, you define a print range.

From menu click Format > Print Ranges > Edit. If you are using the Tabbed bar, the ribbon-style bar, go to Layout Tab and click Edit Print Area (see the below image).

Layout tab showing edit print range option
Layout tab showing edit print range option
Print ranges option in menu
Print ranges option in menu

On the Edit Print Ranges dialog, select Print Ranges = User Defined. Then click on the small button next to the range text box, and choose the entire range of data you want to print. For this example, I have used all the data blocks in the sheet.

Choose entire print range and Edit Print Range window
Choose the entire print range and Edit the Print Range window

Press OK.

Page Set up

Now, go to Layout Tab and click on Format Page. Since the data is more extensive horizontally, let’s make the page size Landscape (Page Tab > Landscape). In your case, you may or may not want to do this, but that depends on your actual data.

Then, go to the Sheet tab and choose Scaling Mode: Fit print range(s) on a number of pages. Now, if you also choose Number of pages=1 (default), LibreOffice Calc would shrink all data blocks into a single A4 page.

Format Page - Page Style - Choose range
Format Page – Page Style – Choose range

Press OK. And now, go to File > Print preview. And finally, you should see the entire blocks of data are on one page for you to print.

Calc Sheet fit to a page
Calc Sheet fit to a page

Since you get the idea, you can now tweak the above settings for a variety of page sizes or paper sizes for your printer. You may also want to customize the header and footer in the Calc sheet for a better print experience.


We have also prepared a video to demonstrate the above steps.

Wrapping Up

I hope this guide helps you to get your desired print results. Do let me know in the comment box below if it helps you Or if you need any assistance.


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arthur brogard

when did you do this? july ’24 now and it’s not the same. exactly. not on my computer anyway. I can’t find layout/format page page tab/landscape
so it sits there stubbornly portrait.
i’ll do some web searching…

Arlene Baker

I finally found what I was looking for on the toolbar, under the FORMAT tool, then the Page Style option, which brought up the window he shows. You then go to the last ‘tab’ on that popup window, and find what you are looking for. I actually was looking to find something that would ‘stretch to fit’ the page.

Arlene Baker

I found this to be useful, however, I could never find the ‘layout tab’ as described. I finally found it under the “Format” (tab?) on the toolbar. There are times when Libre Calc is not user friendly for novice users, compared to MS Office. But thank you for taking the time to post this.


Thank you!


how to make this setting default for all documents?
at the moment I have to do this for every open document every time