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This page contains all the LibreOffice Writer Tutorial grouped based on the learning curve. You can read them and grasp the concept of LibreOffice Writer.

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Lawrence Williams

Please can someone help me. For some 10 years now I’ve been steadily working on my late father’s memoirs book. Using earlier LO versions I’ve done this, about 35 chapters. I saved my earlier .odt drafts in sequence, up to about 10 MB in size and 165pp, so I could retrieve any of them (the latest, really) if something went awry.
I was pleased to see that establishing a Master Document in LO 7.0 would help me with this task. So I did that, intuitively, without studying the LO Help menu.
Then, somehow before I knew what was happening, it had overwritten all my precious draft files with blank files, each about 10 kb.
Can someone please help me to undo this and retrieve my earlier files? Many thanks!