LibreOffice Download

Simple instructions on how you can download LibreOffice from which page, which version and which one is suitable for you.

Sample image of LibreOffice running its programs
Sample image of LibreOffice running its programs

LibreOffice – the free and open-source office suite is probably the most active product today. It is used by millions of users worldwide and is a viable alternative to Microsoft Office. It includes a spreadsheet program called Calc, a document processor called Writer, a presentation program (Impress), a drawing program (Draw), Math and database program Base.

The product is perfect for your free usage because it supports all the Microsoft Office file types such as xls, xlsx, doc, Docx and so on.

Downloading and installing LibreOffice is easy. Here’s how.

Download LibreOffice

LibreOffice Versions

LibreOffice comes with two types of versions: Community and Enterprise.

This is because many businesses use the latest LibreOffice version with cutting-edge features, hampering the development effort. Hence the team suggested that business users get paid support from official LibreOffice partners for long-term support.

Which version to choose?

Choose the Community version – If you want to use the latest version with cutting-edge features. But this version may contain bugs. Choose this if you want to experiment with LibreOffice.

Choose Enterprise version – If you want a stable LibreOffice and want to use it for production use, in schools, homes, personal use, enterprises etc.

Where to Download

LibreOffice comes with various download options based on OS (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX). Find them below.

Go to the official download page. On this page, you should see two sections for download. As instructed in the below image, choose the one you need.

Make sure you choose your operating system properly (whether Windows, mac or Linux). However, it should be detected by this page automatically.

Once you are done, hit download.

Sample image showing LibreOffice download options
Sample image showing LibreOffice download options

System Requirements
Detailed system requirements for Linux, Windows, Mac OSX can be found here.


For windows, double-click the exe file and follow along with the wizard to install.

Linux users, use this guide to download and install the latest LibreOffice.

Wrapping Up

I hope this easy-to-understand guide helps you to download and install LibreOffice. Do let me know in the comment box if you need any help.