Maximum Number of Rows, Columns, Cells in LibreOffice Calc

This guide lists the maximum number of rows, columns, and cells in LibreOffice Calc.

LibreOffice Calc has below limits for number of rows, columns and cells that it can handle.

  • Maximum number of Columns per worksheet = 1024 (Col A to AMJ).
  • Maximum number of Rows per worksheet = 1048576 (2^20).
  • Maximum number of cells per worksheet = 1,073,741,824 (2^30).
  • Maximum number of characters in one cell = 32767
  • Maximum number of worksheets in a workbook = 10000



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9 thoughts on “Maximum Number of Rows, Columns, Cells in LibreOffice Calc

  1. I am using latest version of libre office. I get maximum character limit exceeded alert in calc. I have addresses in the sheet. It is in csv format. When I open it in ms excel, all works fine. For example, the address looks like this – 10 Rue Verte Newport Beach California 92660 USA

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