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How to Zoom In, Zoom out in LibreOffice Calc Sheet

Last updated on April 12, 2020

Here’s how you can perform zoom in and zoom out in LibreOffice Calc sheet.

When you are working with a large set of data in a LibreOffice Calc sheet, it is often needed to zoom in or zoom out to fit the data in the available display resolution. Calc provides easiest way to provide these two features.

Zoom Options

In the Calc workspace, at the bottom right section, the zoom controls are present.
Calc - Zoom Controls
Calc – Zoom Controls
By default, the zoom is set to 100%. Right click on zoom number (100%), you can see quick zoom options.
Zoom Options - via right click
Zoom Options – via right click
Single left click brings up below dialog with more exhaustive options for Zoom. You can select your desired options to complete your tasks.
Zoom & View Layout - Options
Zoom & View Layout – Options


Different Zoom in Sheets / Synchronize Zoom

It is possible to have different Zoom levels in different sheet of Calc. By default, zoom levels are synchronized i.e. if you zoom to say 150% in sheet1, the same zoom to be applied to sheet2 and so on. If you want to have different zoom levels i.e. while zooming sheet1, the other sheet’s zoom level remains same, then follow below steps:

  • Go to menu. Tools > Options.
  • On the left side, click LibreOffice Calc > View. Then uncheck the option Synchronize Sheets under zoom.
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Synchronize Zoom
Synchronize Zoom
  • Press ok.

Now you can have different zoom levels in different sheets. To revert back, open the above dialog again and check the option.


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  1. Josif Britz Josif Britz June 28, 2018

    Why are not there a simple zoom in / zoom out icons available to be placed on a toolbar? Than would zoom by 10% each time they are clicked?

  2. Ole Kr Bendiksen Ole Kr Bendiksen March 5, 2020

    Why is there no such function in libre office base

  3. Ed Peltzman Ed Peltzman July 19, 2020

    1. How do you print the spreadsheet grid pattern?
    2. How do you print the compleat spread sheet using page landscape?
    3. How do you reduce the size of the spreadsheet to print on one page>

    • arindam arindam Post author | July 21, 2020

      You can find these options in Print dialog. You can enable the cell borders to print the grids. Landscape option is available in Page setup from Print preview.

      To fit the spreadsheet in one page, you have to reduce the font size of the entire sheet.

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