How to Move Columns in LibreOffice Calc [Tutorial]


A basic guide explaining how to move columns in LibreOffice Calc.

Often it is required to move cells in LibreOffice Calc spreadsheets. It is one of the fundamental skills to have for spreadsheet users. This is used mostly for organizing data sets, tables or to optimize workflow.

Moving columns in LibreOffice has some confusing steps. It’s a little different from traditional Microsoft Excel.

Here’s how you can move.

Move LibreOffice Calc Columns

  • If you select the header and try to drag the column, it won’t work.
  • Because LibreOffice Calc only selects the column once clicked. You can’t drag it.
  • To move it, select the column by clicking on the header.
  • Now, click on any cell in that column (not on the header)
  • Keep the left mouse button pressed, and drag the cursor to the designed section. The column and all its contents will move.
  • That’s it.

Here’s a quick demo how you can do.

Move columns by dragging (video link)

Usage Notes

  • Before moving a column, ensure you are not overwriting any data in the target column.
  • Using the above method, LibreOffice Calc replaces the target column entirely.
  • If you want to move a column without modifying any existing data, use CUT and PASTE by selecting the entire column. See below.
Move columns by cut paste

That’s it.

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Hi, I’m glad I found your site, moving from Office is not always easy 🙂 Thanks for the explanation, however I am curious to know if there is any way to move a column part of a range between two columns, something very handy on Excel that I can’t find on Calc?