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How to do Autosum in Calc

Last updated on February 26, 2020

This beginner’s tutorial would explain how to perform autosum in Calc program in LibreOffice, OpenOffice.

When you are working with large spreadsheets containing a huge number of rows or columns with data, it is often needed autosum with a quick click of a menu or button instead of manually typing SUM function. LibreOffice, OpenOffice spreadsheet program Calc have this feature and here’s how you can do it.

Autosum Icon (Sigma) in Calc toolbar
Autosum Icon (Sigma) in Calc toolbar

Autosum in Calc

1. Open any Calc workbook with numbers and data, or open your own workbook.

2. Select the cell where you would like to put the autosum of your data.

3. Click on the sigma icon beside the formula bar and click Sum from the dropdown menu.

Context menu showing Auto options
Context menu showing Auto options
Calc Autosum in Action
Calc Autosum in Action

4. You can see the Sum is calculated automatically.

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  • If you select multiple columns with numbers, autosum detects all the data and gives you a quick sum.
  • If your data have column labels which are text, autosum ignores the same and gives you the correct autosum.

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  1. deedhoet deedhoet March 4, 2020

    How to make autosum work in macro?

  2. Andrew Andrew April 14, 2020

    Doesn’t work

    • arindam arindam Post author | April 14, 2020

      It should work. What error you are receiving?

    • Andrew Andrew April 14, 2020

      Correction. I had to open another Calc window and move my data there to get the summing to work. Hopefully just a fluke. All is working now.

  3. vella vella September 8, 2020

    error 509, I get

  4. vella vella September 8, 2020

    ok, I think I fixed this – my locale and the file I was using had different decimal – [,] instead of [.] so it wasn’t recognising it as numbers….

  5. Q Q September 11, 2020

    This works only if the cell displaying the sum is immediately adjacent to the column or row of cells you want to sum, and it includes only contiguous cells in the column or row (that is, it stops when it encounters a blank cell after at least one cell with data) . Perhaps this is obvious, but Step 2 here doesn’t say that. In other words, you can’t use AutoSum to produce a number in, say, a summary section at the top of a sheet.

    • arindam arindam Post author | September 11, 2020

      LibreOffice Calc doesn’t support an autosum at the top of a table, yet. The Autosum always calculates at the bottom of your dataset.

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