Modify PDF Documents using LibreOffice Draw for Free


This tutorial explains simple steps to modify PDF documents using the LibreOffice Draw application.

PDF a.k.a portable document format is a widely used format for digital document distribution. Due to its popularity and adoption across various mediums and devices, it is often a de-facto standard format to publish and distribute documents.

Many small businesses, home users can not purchase any commercial software which can modify existing PDF documents because those are pricy.

However, LibreOffice, the free and open-source office program used by millions of users around the world have a built-in PDF editor. LibreOffice Draw can modify, edit, save, create PDF files for free. You do not need to buy expensive pdf editors out there and the good news is – LibreOffice runs in both Windows and Linux.

However, there’s still a catch. With LibreOffice Draw you can do simple edits, changes, add texts, add images, text boxes in your existing PDF files – which more than enough for the majority of the users.

LibreOffice Draw opens up PDF as an image file in its editor where you can modify block-by-block and then save-as back to PDF format.

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This is how you can do it.

Steps to modify PDF documents using LibreOffice Draw

  • Open LibreOffice Draw and from the file menu, open the PDF file which you want to modify.
  • Once the file is open, click on the section where you want to modify. You would see a rectangle box to edit the texts. You can now modify texts, images.
Edit PDF Using Draw
Edit PDF Using Draw
  • If the PDF is not editable i.e. entire PDF page is opened as a single image file, then it is difficult to edit. This is since your file is created with a read-only attribute. However, if that is the case then, you can draw rectangles/shapes with background color white to redact the sections. Then add a new text box or images.
  • Once the editing is over, save the file from the menu –> File -> Export-> Export as PDF.

Now you would have your modified PDF file for use.

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