Format Cells In LibreOffice Calc [Beginner’s Guide]


A simple tutorial which explains various methods of formatting cells in LibreOffice Calc.

LibreOffice Calc allows you to format cells in any type without changing their value. You can change the value “0.5” to “50%” or “$0.5” or change the appearance of the cell itself.

Format Cells in Calc

  • Type any number in any cell of Calc.
  • Calc uses the default number format when you type a number in a cell.
  • To format the number, right-click on the cell and select “Format Cells”.
Format Cell Option in Context Menu
Format Cells - Main
  • On the Format Cells dialog, choose the category as Currency, Format as USD $ (Or anything you want), and select the desired formatting in the format list.
  • You can also choose the number of decimal places, and the leading zeros you want. And once you are satisfied by looking at the preview, press OK.
  • To change the above number to %, you can click the % icon in the toolbar after selecting the cell. Calc provides common number formats in the toolbar itself for easy access.
Percent in Toolbar
  • Use Borders, border style, Font Color and alignment from the toolbar to give the cell a different look:
order Styles in Toolbar
Borders in Toolbar
Color Palette in Toolbar
  • Once it is applied to the cell, it will look like this:

That’s it. You now learned the basics of formatting cells in LibreOffice Calc. You can play around with various other formats in the settings and get your desired results.

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Is there any way to set it as default for the whole sheet?


What could the reasons be if this does not work?
In my sheet only 1 cell reacts to my currency format. Doesn’t matter if i change what kind or tick the “negative numbers red” box. Doesn’t matter if I choose the entire column or just a single cell. All cells except one don’t react.