Split a Worksheet View – LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc provides a way to view a Calc spreadsheet in split manner.

If you are working in a large worksheet, scrolling is sometimes difficult for your productivity. This is where split is useful.

Split Rows

To create a split view, click on the small icon (see below image) at the right-top section of Calc.


Click and hold, then drag it down.

Then you have the same sheet with two views. If whatever changes you do in any of the view, is reflected in the other view.

Split Columns

Similarly you can split the columns as well. Click the below icon near bottom-right section in the Calc.

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Row and Column Split Together



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6 thoughts to “Split a Worksheet View – LibreOffice Calc”

    1. You can use ALT+TAB to switch between windows. If you are using Linux/Ubuntu and if same app are grouped in ALT+TAB: Then you can use ALT+TAB then ALT+~.

          1. Thank you. Do you think one could write a VBA script to accomplish this task, or is it too cumbersome?

            Thank you!

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