How to Delete Empty Rows in LibreOffice Calc Sheet


This tutorial will explain how to delete blank rows from the LibreOffice Calc sheet.

Say you have a Calc sheet with the below data and some blank rows. Red arrows are marked in the image below to identify the empty rows.

Sample Data for Empty Rows
Sample Data for Empty Rows

Delete empty rows in LibreOffice Calc

Step 1

Click on the top left section of the sheet – between A and 1 to select the entire contents of the sheet.

Select entire Sheet
Select entire Sheet

Step 2

From the menu, select Data -> Auto Filter.

Step 3

In cell A1, click on the filter drop-down and select Empty.

Filter Empty
Filter Empty

Step 4

After the above step, all the empty rows would be shown. Select all the empty rows till the end and click Delete Rows.

Delete Empty Rows- Calc
Delete Empty Rows- Calc

Step 5

After deleting the rows, click on the filter at A1 and select all, press OK.

Filter - All
Filter – All

This would show you the final data with all the blank/empty rows removed.

After Removing empty rows
After Removing empty rows

This is how you can remove empty rows in LibreOffice Calc.

Drop a comment using the comment box below if you are facing trouble with Calc or have any questions.

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good idea. it helped me.

Paul Francis

this does not work for me


Thanks a million 🙂

Gajanan Patravale

very simple & quick solution…..Thanks a lot……


Awesome. Thank you


This does not work.


Thank you.

For it to work properly, we should select for deletion only he rows which show up in blue in the row numbers on the left. In step 4, these row numbers are shown with black numbers in the image. In LibreOffice Calc, these now show as blue, to indicate that these are filtered rows. (ver 7.3 currently) [see attached image].

If we select all rows, or select the header row, all rows will be deleted, not just the empty ones.