Freeze Row and Columns - After

How to Freeze and Unfreeze Rows columns and ranges in Calc

This tutorial would explain on how to Freeze, Unfreeze rows and columns and ranges in LibreOffice calc.

There are different display devices, monitors available with various sizes and resolutions. When you are working with a spreadsheet and doing data analysis, it is often needed to freeze certain rows and columns while rest of the section of the spreadsheet can move using scroll bars. Here’s how you can do it in LibreOffice Calc:


Select a cell. (In this example C6).

Freeze Row and Columns - Before

Go to menu and select “Freeze cells -> Freeze rows and columns”

Freeze Cells - Options in Calc Menu
Calc would freeze all the sections left and top of the selection which is C6 in this example. So, if you scroll vertically or horizontally the range A1:B5 would remain fixed while rest of the sheet’s content can move.

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Freeze Row and Columns - After

Tip: You can also quickly use option Freeze first row and first column to freeze first row and column respectively.


To unfreeze, use the option Unfreeze from menu.

There is no unfreeze option in the menu of LibreOffice Calc. To unfreeze follow below steps:

  • Select/click any of the cell inside the frozen row/column range.
  • Go to Menu and click on View > Freeze Rows and Columns again.

This will remove all ‘freeze’ from the Calc sheet.

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11 thoughts to “How to Freeze and Unfreeze Rows columns and ranges in Calc”

  1. Yes, this command doesn’t seem to work like I need it too.I selected the entire “D” column of my embedded images, and applied the “Freeze” command. Each image I try, to embed; that image to “stay put” in the cell that I assigned to it. But the image(s) will move out of the cell(s) prematurely after preforming such tasks (not just this task itself) as increasing the height of a row. Which may or may not be the cell that I would be working in, at the moment I notice the unwanted changes.

    The point being, this behavior is undesirable. I plain and simply want each image to STOP MOVING OUT OF THE ORIGINAL PLACE I GAVE TOO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    Also the “Anchor” command doesn’t seem to be making any difference either.

    Is there something that I’m doing incorrectly? Another command and/or setting I need to know?
    I really also didn’t find any solutions at:


    Any helping my ignorance would be appreciated, because I was trained to use much older software like Lotus 1-2-3 many years ago ….

  2. I was successfully able to freeze columns and rows, but I’m not finding the ‘Unfreeze’ option in any menu. I’ve tried in Excel 2007 and ODS formats.

    Version: (x64)
    Windows 7
    Locale: en-US

  3. As stated in my initial post, I’m using LibreOffice Calc version: I considered that the problem I was having might be related to the file format in which I was trying to save the spreadsheets, so I tried the two different options mentioned as file formats — using LibreOffice Calc. I do not have Excel installed on my computer.

    What I’m trying to find is “Where Is The UNFREEZE Item In The Menus”

    Please read the post before replying.

    Thank you,

      1. I clicked on “freeze rows and columns” and that got rid of all freezing. Then I clicked on “Freeze First Row”, which is what I actually wanted

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