How to Zoom In and Zoom Out in LibreOffice Writer


This beginner’s tutorial will explain this zoom functionality in LibreOffice Writer.

While working in LibreOffice writer, zoom in and zoom out are often needed because of various screen sizes or to verify how your document is going to look in various zoom levels.

There are four types of Zoom levels present in LibreOffice Writer.

Entire page

In this zoom level, the entire content of a single page would be visible in your workspace based on your screen resolution. All the letters and images of your writer document will be smaller to fit the page.

Page width

In this zoom level, the visible document is shown as per the page width adjusted to the size of your Writer window.

Optimal View

The optimal view adjusts the workspace to have the best view of your document considering the Writer window and screen resolution.

Custom Zoom Percentage

Custom zoom Percentage allows you to zoom your Writer document to your zoom Percentage by providing the number zoom percentage value from presets. From the menu: View – > Zoom -> Zoom.


To quickly perform Zoom In and Zoom out, you can hold the CTRL key and use the mouse wheel to reach the desired Zoom level.

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Alan McGregor

Hello, I’ve been using Libreoffice for a few years, but have worsening visual cognitive problems.
Since the last upgrade, I have lost how to do some things – that were never a problem before.
I was looking for the ‘Zoom’ percentage on the lower right side, and it’s not there. But even when I manage to Zoom, the writing goes beyond the page – no matter how much I try to zoom out to grab the right edge the page goes wider and is still out of vision.
I suppose I must have accidentally pressed something. There appears to be no backwards in this area of controls.

How can I get back to a ‘normal page’ with margins the way I had them?
Is there a reset back to a normal A4 page that stays A4 no matter how large the zoom [magnification] is?