How to Find A Paragraph Style in LibreOffice Writer Document


If you have a Writer document e.g. book draft containing various styles of text/paragraphs, it is sometimes needed to find where in the document a specific style present. In this tutorial, I will show you how to find a paragraph style in the LibreOffice Writer document.

Sample Document

I have a sample document, generated with dummy text as below. I have also changed the letter spacing of certain lines which I would like to find.

Sample Text for Style Search
Sample Text for Style Search

Create Style

Select the spacing lines and from the style toolbar, create New Style (Or, you can find it from the menu – Style -> New Style). In the Style creation dialog, give the style a name e.g. “Test-style-1”.

Select and Create Style
Select and Create Style

Open the Find and Replace dialog (keyboard CTRL+H) from menu: Edit -> Find and Replace. In this dialog, under ‘Other Options’, select the checkbox search for paragraph styles. In the Search For drop-down, select the style you want to find – ‘Test-style-1’. And hit Find Next.

Find and Replace Dialog
Find and Replace Dialog


Once you click Find Next, Writer will start searching the entire document for the specific styles and highlight the same.

Style Find Using Find and Replace
Style Find Using Find and Replace

Now you can find any style you want in a LibreOffice Writer document using the above method. Feel free to leave a comment Or ask questions down below.

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