How to Rotate Images in LibreOffice Writer


This beginners guide will explain how to rotate an image in LibreOffice Writer.

In the earlier tutorial I have explained how to insert an image in LibreOffice Writer document. After inserting an image it might be required that you need to rotate the image in any direction.

Here’s how you can do it.

Steps to rotate an image in Writer

  • Insert the image from Insert > Image.
  • Select the image and from the toolbar click on the rotate button. If image toolbar is not visible then click from menu View > Toolbars > Image.
Rotate Option in Image Toolbar
Rotate Option in Image Toolbar
  • After clicking the rotate button you will see four small orange circle appears in the four corners of the image.
  • Click on any of the orange circle and rotate your mouse to rotate the image.
Rotate Image - Writer
Rotate Image – Writer

Another Way of Rotating an Image

Alternatively you can click the image and in the right side click Properties toolbar. In the image properties window under Position and Size you can find the Rotation angle option with a visual rotating dial which you can use to rotate the image as well.

Alternate way of rotating Images
Alternate way of rotating Images


This is how you can rotate an image in LibreOffice Writer. If you have any other questions you may drop a comment below.

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