Repeat Rows Headers or Columns in Every Print Pages in Calc


Ever wanted to print a large spreadsheet and having trouble printing the rows or column headers on each printed page? This is how you can do it in the LibreOffice spreadsheet program – Calc.

LibreOffice calc gives a print option that can help you to print the heading in a row or columns on every printed page. You do not need to copy/paste each row-column in a logical position in the spreadsheet – which is not a proper way to do for any use case. Moreover, that would make you change your spreadsheet data.

Steps to Repeat rows and columns in printed pages

  • Open the Calc file and go to the sheet which you want to print.
  • From menu select: Format -> Print Ranges -> Edit
  • To repeat rows in every print page, select “user defined” and click on the small button to choose the row to repeat. If you select the first row of a sheet, it should have $1 (see below), for the second it would be $2, and so on.
Edit Print Ranges
Edit Print Ranges

Similarly, do the same for Columns if you want the column to repeat on every printed page. For columns also, select the column headings to repeat. Else, you can type $A for the first column and so on.

  • Select File -> Print Preview. Now you can see the print preview window in the Print dialog that each page is having the row headers added.
Print Preview
Print Preview
  • Hit Print.

Now you can physically print your spreadsheet and you should be good to go.

Usage Notes

  • You can manually add the row numbers by typing $1, $2, etc.
  • You will not see any visual changes to the actual spreadsheet. It is only visible in print preview and physical copy.
  • If you want to repeat multiple rows, you can select them as well. They have to be consecutive. For example, if you want to repeat row 1 to row 3, you can enter as $1:$3.
  • Remember, the row which is selected to repeat would repeat all contents on that row.

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Sergio Trett

Thanks for clear explanation!