How to Calculate Percentage Change in LibreOffice Calc


This quick guide explains the steps to calculate the percentage change in any direction in LibreOffice Calc.

Percentage change calculation is a common task you generally do for any data item. And it’s very easy to do it LibreOffice Calc.

Calculate Percentage Change

For example, you have below sales data per month for a year.

Monthly Change Formula
Monthly Change Formula

Now, if you want to calculate the month-on-month sales change in percentage, you have to use a basic formula. 

To calculate month-wise change, in cell C3 write below:


You can see the change is calculated in decimal value. Now, select the calculated value in C3 and click on the % icon in the toolbar to convert it to percentage. 

Then drag the cell handle until C13 for the entire data range.

Monthly Change
Monthly Change

You can see that the cell formula is changed in each cell as per default relative reference

If you want to calculate total percentage change over the starting value, you can write below formula in cell D3:

Total Change
Total Change

Then drag the cell handle down till the last data item in the range. You can also notice that the value of B2 didn’t change until the last cell due to the absolute reference

This way you can easily create the percentage change in LibreOffice calc.

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