Easily Change Capitalization or Case of Text in LibreOffice Calc Cell


This quick tutorial demonstrates how you can change the case of any text in LibreOffice Calc Cell.

Changing case is a trivial thing. I mean, you can always change it via your Keyboard’s CAPS LOCK Key. But how about changing it via a formula, probably when you do not have control over the keyboard? Or, imagine changing the case for thousands of rows. This article explains how you can change cases in cells.

It’s really very simple.

Change case of text in LibreOffice Calc Cell

Change to Upper Case

To change case to upper case, use the UPPER function. It takes the text to be converted into an argument.

The Syntax is below:

=UPPER(your text)

It takes the argument of your target text which needs to be converted to uppercase. In the below example, it takes the string in cell B2 and converts it to upper case. You can also enter the string directly into the function itself.

UPPER Function
UPPER Function

Change to Lower Case

To change a text or string in any cell to lower case, use the LOWER function. It also takes the text to be converted as input.

The syntax is below:

=LOWER(your text)

The LOWER function is exactly the same as the UPPER function. It takes the string as input and converts it entirely to lowercase. See the same example below.

LOWER Function
LOWER Function

Change to Title Case

The Title Case conversion is also possible using the Calc formula. The Title Case is nothing but each of the first letters of words are capitalised. So, to do that, use the PROPER() function. This function can make the title case of any text in any cell.

=PROPER(your text)
Change to Title Case in Calc
Change to Title Case in Calc

I hope these two simple function helps you to convert any text or string in any cell to upper case or lower case in LibreOffice Calc. Drop a comment if you face difficulties or have any questions.

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How about changing to title case?