LibreOffice Formula: Comma or Semicolon Separator Explanation


Learn which one to use: comma or semicolon in LibreOffice Calc formula.

Comma and semicolon separator in LibreOffice formula

You must have seen the differences in the parameter separator in the LibreOffice formula, such as the IF function in various places. For example, the below formula results in the same, although the separator of the function parameter is different:

=IF(A1 < 10, "True", "False")
=IF(A1 < 10; "True"; "False")

The default value is “;” and recommended to use.

Why and how to change it?

The reason for the difference is the region of your LibreOffice locale settings. For example, the English(USA) settings of your LibreOffice language may accept commas. But non-english-based settings may not.

In addition, this value can be changed from the menu > Tools > Options > LibreOffice Calc > Formula.

Here you can change the function separator value according to your needs.

Settings for comma or semicolon formula separator in LibreOffice
Settings for comma or semicolon formula separator in LibreOffice

If your formula or function doesn’t work despite its correct, you may need to check whether your regional settings are different. Then try to swap between comma and semicolon and see if it works. Furthermore, the comma is used as a decimal separator in many languages. And that can create further confusion. Hence it’s always better to use a semicolon(;).

I hope this help to clarify this confusion on which one to use.

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