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Weekday, Workday in LibreOffice Calc [How to Find]

Find out Weekday, Workday in LibreOffice Calc


This beginner’s guide explains how you can find the weekday, workday in LibreOffice Calc.

LibreOffice Calc has dedicated functions that you can use to find out the weekday, number of weekdays, etc. Using these in the formula and combining them, you can solve many problems and calculate different things. Let’s see how they work.

Weekday and Workday

Weekday function

The WEEKDAY function in Calc returns a number from 1 (Sunday) to 7 (Saturday) representing the day of the week of a date. The number depends on the type. See below.


=WEEKDAY(date, type)
  • date: Any date format as your Calc settings. For example, mm/dd/yyyy; dd/mm/yyyy; “dd-mm-yyyy”.
  • type: Valid values are 1, 2, and 3. Default is 1. Based on type, values are below.


1. The following example returns 4 as it is April 7, 2021 which is Wednesday. Because the type is 1 as default.

Simple Weekday function
Simple Weekday function

2. You can also find out the day of the week using weekday as below. It is super handy to find out the day’s name. Actually, there are two ways to find this out. Using TEXT() and CHOOSE() function. See below.

Choose function
Choose function

Using Text function with custom formatting for Day as “dddd” you can also get the day name.

Text Function
Text Function

Workday Function


WORKDAY(StartDate; Days [; Holidays])


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This function returns the date number from the start date, with days passed excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (if included). Holidays are optional. For example, in this below image 4/13 is returned which is 3 days after 4/7 excluding 4/9 (holiday), 4/10, and 4/11. The function returns a number and you need to apply cell formatting to Date. The StartDate is included in the count of Days if it is a workday.

WORKDAY example
WORKDAY example

Networkdays function


NETWORKDAYS(StartDate; EndDate [; [ Holidays ] [; Workdays ] ])


This function returns the total number of days starting from StartDate until EndDate excluding Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. Additional Workdays can be included via optional parameter. The StartDate and EndDate is included in teh count if it is not weekends. For example below, total number of work days is 20 for entire month of April 2021 with two holidays given.


Usage Notes

  • WORKDAY, NETWORKDAYS are part of Open Document Standard specification (ODF) – ISO/IEC 26300:2-2015. Hence it should be followed by major office suites. Link to ODF file.
  • Official documentation –

I hope this guide helps you to find out the weekday, workday in LibreOffice Calc. If you have any questions, comments mention them in the comment box below.

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