How to Edit PPS PPSX Files in LibreOffice, OpenOffice Impress


This is how you can edit pps or ppsx files using LibreOffice, and OpenOffice Impress.

The pps or ppsx files are PowerPoint presentation show files, a standalone file that opens up directly in presentation mode (full screen). The pps / ppsx files are a great way of distributing presentation files for various needs.

However, if you need to edit pps, ppsx files via LibreOffice or OpenOffice Impress, it would be a bit tricky. This is because it opens up as a full-screen presentation when you open the file, eliminating the editor itself. This is quite obvious due to the fact that you are trying to open the “Show” version of the file in the first place.

PowerPoint Show File
PowerPoint Show File

But sometimes, you may not have the original ppt or pptx version of the file with you, and you ended up with a ‘Show’ version of the file. There’s still hope, and here’s how you can edit a pps, ppsx file in LibreOffice, or OpenOffice Impress.

How to Edit PPS, PPSX File in LibreOffice, OpenOffice Impress

  • Select the pps or ppsx file and right-click to bring up the context menu.
  • Select Open with LibreOffice/OpenOffice Impress.
  • On the presentation mode, which should be in full screen, right-click to bring up the context menu.
  • From the menu, select Edit Presentation.
Context Menu in Show mode
Context Menu in Show mode
  • You should see the pps/ppsx file opened in LibreOffice/OpenOffice Impress presentation editor.
pps file opened in Impress as Editable
pps file opened in Impress as Editable
  • Now you can change, modify and save as per your need for further processing.

That’s it.

Let us know if this article helped you for the benefit of other users. Also, comment if you are facing trouble following the above instructions.

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In LibreOffice 6.2 there is no Edit Presentation option.

Instead, Edit with External Tool appears to open the current image as JPG.


Thanks, it worked!


Thanks by extremely uselful tip