How to Add Notes in LibreOffice Impress Slides


This quick guide explains how easily you can add notes to LibreOffice Impress slides.

Notes are an important part of your presentation. It provides you more ways to represent information in your presentation slides. LibreOffice Impress also has options to add notes, modify notes, and make formatting changes to notes as well. Here’s how you can do it. It’s very simple.

How to add notes in LibreOffice Impress Slides

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  • Open your Impress presentation slide.
  • From the menu, click View -> Notes. You can see the view area changed. The notes section is just below the slide. This is the notes view.
Notes Menu
Notes Menu
  • To go back to the original view, click View --> Normal.
  • Now, you can write your notes as much you want. Not only that notes section is also capable of standard formatting e.g. bold, text color, etc.
Impress Slides - Notes Added
Impress Slides – Notes Added
  • You can also change the look of your notes section from Notes master which you can access from menu, View --> Notes Master.
  • Notes master allows you to change the notes area for all slides.
  • Once you have added your notes, save and from the menu click View --> Normal to go back to normal mode.

This is how you can add notes to Impress slides.

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