How to Crop a Shape in LibreOffice Draw


This guide explains the steps to crop shapes in the LibreOffice Draw program.

In the other tutorial, I explained how to crop an image in Draw. Cropping an image is fairly simple. You get an option to crop right in the menu, which makes it super easy.

But when you want to crop any native shape, For example, a circle or a square, well, that part is a little tricky.

Here’s how you can do it.

How to Crop a Shape in LibreOffice Draw

There is no clear menu item or option to crop shape in LibreOffice Draw. We are going to do it via a workaround.

Open a Draw canvas and draw any shape. For this guide, I have added a Circle.

Circle which would be cropped
Circle which would be cropped

Now, if you want to crop this circle to make it a rectangle, you need to use the shape options – substruct, add, and union.

To do that, draw a rectangle on top of the circle like this. The key part here is the “top”. Make sure you are drawing it on the top of the Circle.

Rectangle on top of Circle
Rectangle on top of Circle

Select both shapes.

Then from the menu, select Shape > Subtract. The shape will be cropped for the entire rectangle section, which is covered on top of the Circle.

Menu option for Subtract
Menu option for Subtract

Repeat this operation with the many shapes you want. This way, easily crop shapes in LibreOffice Draw.

After Crop
After Crop

You can also combine multiple shapes to achieve the desired result. While drawing multiple shapes overlayed, you can also combine the subtract and merge options to achieve your result.

It’s a matter of understanding how it works. I hope this helps. Have questions? Let me know in the comment box.

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Gary Roush

Thanks for the information, but I’m trying to figure out how to crop without the steps. I’m calling it freehand crop, but I bet there’s a real name for it. What I’m trying to achieve is essentially an infinite number of crop positions rather than just the three or four I get now.

I hope that was clear enough to explain my query.

Thanks for your time.