How to Crop Image in LibreOffice Draw [Tutorial]


This beginner’s guide explains how to crop a simple image in LibreOffice Draw.

Image cropping is often needed if you are preparing simple/complex tasks, designing publishing items or any other drawing.

The crop is a simple feature which is available in LibreOffice draw. It applies to the inserted images to cut out a portion of any image. Here are the basics.

How to Crop an Image in Draw

1. Insert any image in the LibreOffice Draw workspace.

If you already have an image inserted, select the image by clicking once.

2. From the menu, select Format -> Image -> Crop.

Crop menu in Draw
Crop menu in Draw

A different border would appear on your selected image with Crop handles.

3. Use your mouse/touchpad and drag along the cropping handles in all directions as per your need (see the image below).

4. Once done, press enter or click any empty areas of the LibreOffice draw program.

5. You have your cropped image.


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Kjeld Flarup

Sometimes the Crop is greyed out. Don’t know why.