How to Crop Image in LibreOffice Draw [Tutorial]


This beginner’s guide explains how to crop a simple image in LibreOffice Draw.

Image cropping is often needed if you are preparing simple/complex tasks, designing publishing items or any other drawing.

The crop is a simple feature which is available in LibreOffice draw. It applies to the inserted images to cut out a portion of any image. Here are the basics.

How to Crop an Image in Draw

  • Insert any image in the LibreOffice Draw workspace.
  • If you already have an image inserted, select the image by clicking once.
  • From the menu, select Format > Image > Crop. See Figure 1.
  • A different border would appear on your selected image with Crop handles. See Figure 2.
  • Use your mouse/touchpad and drag along the cropping handles in all directions as per your need (see the image below).
  • Once done, press enter or click any empty areas of the LibreOffice draw program.
  • You have your cropped image.
Crop menu in Draw
Figure 1: Crop menu in Draw
Crop handles
Figure 2: Crop handles


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Kjeld Flarup

Sometimes the Crop is greyed out. Don’t know why.