How to Wrap Text With Images in LibreOffice Writer


This beginner’s tutorial explains various types of image wrapping within text paragraphs in LibreOffice Writer.

Images are essential for long documents, books etc. Also it is more important to have the images associated with the texts in applicable places in a document.

All types of image wrapping is possible in LibreOffice Writer. Here’s how you can do it.

Image Wrapping Options

Writer provides below types of image wrapping within texts.

  • Page Wrap
  • Optimal page wrap (default)
  • Wrap Left
  • Wrap Right
  • Wrap Through
  • In Background
  • Contour Wrap with user defined shape


How to Wrap Images

Open a LibreOffice Writer document with texts and keep the cursor where you want to insert an image. Insert an image from the menu using Insert > Image.

Once inserted, right click on the image and find Wrap options under context menu.

Wrap Context Menu
Wrap Context Menu

Optimal Page Wrap

By default, Writer applies optimal page wrap to the inserted images. Texts are aligned at left or right of the inserted image based on the image size and available position in both the sides of the image.

Optimal Page Wrap
Optimal Page Wrap

Page Wrap

Use this option if you want your image to be surrounded by the text based on your image size.

Page Wrap
Page Wrap

Wrap Left

Use this option if you want your image to be on the right side and texts on the left side.

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Wrap Left
Wrap Left

Wrap Right

Use this option if you want your image to be on the left side and texts on the right side

Wrap Right
Wrap Right

Wrap Through

This option makes your image on top of your text and the text remains in the back side of the image.

Wrap Through
Wrap Through

In Background

Use this option to send the image back side of your text and all texts are passing in front of the image.

In the background Wrap
In the background Wrap

Contour Wrap

This customized wrap option gives you ability to reshape your image to any shape so that the texts can wrap around it.

To define a contour right click on the image and click Edit Contour from context menu. In the contour editor, there are multiple types of option available: Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon and Auto Contour. Click Ellipse and draw an ellipse on top of the image. Click Apply when done.

Draw Ellipse
Draw Ellipse

You will see your image is reshaped as an ellipse and the texts are wrapped around it.

Contour Wrap
Contour Wrap


These are the ways and options of wrapping texts around images in LibreOffice Writer.

Drop a comment if you have any questions.

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  1. I am creating a libreoffice writer document with text and images. Right-clicking on an inserted image, the context menu window that appears has “No selection possible” in dimmed letters as the only option available. Shall I install any missing Libreoffice feature that does not come with the default installation options?

    I am using Libreoffice

    Thank you for your info.

      • This web site doesn’t allow to add/attach images, it would be important to prove what I wrote. In this way, with simple text exchange, it just a switch of text back and forth, that turns difficult to explain and demonstrate what one wants to comment.

        In my case, the context menu (right-click on the image) does appear as mentioned in my previous message, but the “Wrap” line option does not present the options that are supposed to show, but like I wrote, without images it is impossible to demonstrate.

        I hope this site evolves to a better web experience.

          • Here are the images uploaded to imgur.com:

            The file type I always use for compatibility reasons, is Word 97-2003. This file type may be the cause for the problem reported.

            The second image I uploaded, shows the image properties “Wrap” tab, Optimal selected (default), while all other options are locked, impossible to select, and I think I should have that possibility.

            Thank you for your interest and concern.

          • I could not find any issues that why Wrap options are not there. Can you try to create a new document (*.doc) ; save it; then insert any image and see if the options are available?

  2. I determined that this problem only occurs with copy-paste web pages into Libreoffice Writer that includes text and images altogether. This was the page that I copied into Libreoffice Writer:
    Right-clicking on one of the imported images from this web page, I get the incomplete Wrap context menu, while inserting an image into a new document, all the option of the Wrap context menu appear.

    I previously used MS Word to import web pages, but I find out that Libreoffice does it better, the images have the right size, while with MS Word, many times the images have to be redimensioned.

    • Yes that’s the issue. If you copy directly from web page and paster it in Writer – it paste as HTML image which is wrapped in frame. Wrap option is not available in those cases. I would suggest you to copy paste then re-insert images those requires wrapping.

  3. Thank you for your prompt replies. I will do as suggested.

    You may consider this post as completed and closed. Bye.

  4. I was doing a project with all phots I have like a collage. Had Completed several. Instead of closing out the complete set I finished I decided to look up free designer borders to set pictures in. Trouble every since. could not separate page 1 finished from page 2 beginning to add photos to design border. tried to read libre offered options but some just did not come clear to me what to do. Out of frustration started hitting whatever. now afraid precious photos will be lost. In the file Explore the file I have for completed the it shows that the phots are open until I click to open and this is how it locks. empty multiple squares in one texting frame in upper left corners states image and a number. Have hit things and probably has made it worse. Is there a fix for my unknowledge?

  5. The Word wrap around the image touches the edge of the photo. How do I get an open area around the photo to make it look more professional?

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