Beginner’s Guide to Install LibreOffice Extensions – The Easy Way


You can extend LibreOffice functionalities using third-party extensions.

Extensions make life easier with additional features for LibreOffice’s Writer, Draw, Calc, and Impress modules. There are hundreds of LibreOffice extensions available today. Here’s how you can install it.

However, the extensions are not individually reviewed by official LibreOffice developers. Therefore use the downloaded extensions with caution. Hence, I recommend installing and testing it in a sample document before using it in the final document. You can create a sample Writer document using auto-generated text.

How to Install LibreOffice Extensions

  • Download any extension from the LibreOffice extension website.
  • For this tutorial, I used the Code Highlighter extension, which is a Writer extension to syntax highlight the programming language of your codes inside Writer.
  • Click on the green download button to download the extension from the website. Save the extension in any place on your computer. The extension files are of *.oxt type, i.e. Open document extension.
Download Extension
Download Extension
  • Open Writer, and from the menu, go to Tools -> Extension Manager Or press CTRL+ALT+E.
Extension Manager in Menu
  • Click Add and browse-select the downloaded *.oxt file on the extension manager window.
  • Click on the Accept button for terms and conditions and wait for the extension to be loaded.
Extension Manager Window – Add
  • Once loaded, you can see the added extension in the extension manager window.
Extension is added
  • Press Close and restart LibreOffice.  You should restart all instances of LibreOffice.
  • Now you can see the sample extension is loaded. Also, the code highlighter extension (for this example) is added as menu items as below.
Extension Manager in Menu
Code Highlighter Ext in Writer
Code Highlighter Ext in Writer
  • Now you can put some code, select and click desired programming language to highlight using this extension.
Extension applied
Extension applied


This is how you can try multiple extensions available on the extension website. Drop a comment below if this tutorial helped you or if you are having trouble using extensions.

Via Official reference.

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Thank you for all your good work!
I recently learned about the extension that allows all Impress slides to be exported as graphics at once. This is just what I need!
I have tried several times to install the extension on Linux Ubuntu 20.04 per instructions on many online help tutorials. Most of the screen shot examples include steps that are not available to me.
Following your own help file above, I look in Tools/Extension manager. I see ExportAsImages-1-v2.0.0.oxt listed as the only extension. When I select it and click Add, I am taken to my Home file manager, with only the option of opening whatever folder is selected at the top of the file list. I have done a search for the .oxt file but nothing comes up.
I tried creating a folder specifically for this extension but no matter what folder I open, nothing appears to be installed and Export As Images does not show up in my list of export options, even if I close all LibreOffice documents or even reboot my computer!
Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong, or where this .oxt file might be found in my file system so I can open and install it?
Thank you!