How to Insert ClipArt in LibreOffice, OpenOffice Impress

This tutorial explains how you can insert ClipArts in LibreOffice/OpenOffice Impress.

ClipArt is a type of image file, mostly vector images which are pre-made to illustrate any subject/situation. When preparing any presentation for quick work, one tends to search in Google and find out images and eventually inserting them in Impress.

However, LibreOffice/OpenOffice itself brings a set of small graphics or ClipArts which you can quickly insert to make your presentation look professional for your work or school.

This is how you can do it.

How to Insert ClipArt in LibreOffice, OpenOffice

Open Impress and from the menu, click Insert -> Media -> Gallery.

Launch Gallery from Menu
Launch Gallery from Menu

This would open up the Gallery window in the right sidebar. There are 12 categories of ClipArt is present today (as of the latest version). Which is I feel sufficient for basic or advanced usage.

Entire Gallery
Entire Gallery

To insert, simply click on a ClipArt and drag it to the presentation slide. And you would have your ClipArt inside the Impress slide.

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Insert ClipArts from Gallery
Insert ClipArts from Gallery

This is how you can insert ClipArt images in LibreOffice, OpenOffice Impress slides quickly.

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