How to Enable Automatic Spelling and Grammar Check in LibreOffice Writer


Here’s how you can enable automatic spelling and grammar check as you type in LibreOffice Writer.

LibreOffice Writer supports multiple language dictionaries that are used to validate the grammar of the words as you type alongside spelling. The Writer shows red color curved line under the incorrect word in the document after it validates against the supported dictionary. And grammar errors are shown blue color curved underline against phrases.

Incorrect word - Writer
Incorrect word – Writer

How to Enable Automatic Spelling and Grammar Check

There are two ways to check spelling and grammar.

A) Manual mode and B) Automatic Mode as you type.

To enable the automatic spelling and grammar check, go to Menu Tools → Options. From the left side menu, select Language under Language Settings. Make sure to choose appropriate language under “Default Languages for Documents” – e.g. Western: English (USA).

Options - Language Settings - Writer

Go to Writing Aids Option to the left and under options choose ‘Check spelling as you type’ and ‘Check grammar as you type’.

Options - Language Settings - Writing Aids

Press OK.

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Now Go to the “English Sentence Checking” option and select options under Grammar Checking and Punctuation.


Now you can see red curly underline on words that have spelling errors.

LibreOffice Writer Automatic Grammar Check

And the blue line shows only grammar errors as per your chosen options.


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    • Agree. The spell checker does work, but the grammar checker does not.
      I use the British English language because I study in the UK, so I need to hand in all work in BE. For British English, the grammar checker does not work.
      For example if you repeat a word “The the dog …” libre office doesn’t notice it.
      If you use American English instead of British English “utilize” vs “utilise”, libre office doesn’t notice it.
      This is really problematic for me.

  1. Thank you so much! You just made my day!
    I was having a huge issue of unable to set the spell checker to work.

    Thank you!!!

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