Create Your First Presentation Using LibreOffice Impress


Beginner’s guide on how to create a simple presentation in LibreOffice Impress.

LibreOffice Impress is a free and open-source presentation program for Linux, Windows and Mac. It comes with lots of features and compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint as well.

Here is a basic guide for creating a simple presentation using Impress.

Create Your First Presentation

  • Open LibreOffice Impress.
  • If the template dialog opens, select a template you want. Otherwise, click Close.
  • You will be presented with the first slide with a default design – A title and content.
  • Modify your presentation slide as per your choice using the toolbar options, e.g. Changing font colour, background colour, adding text etc.
  • From the File menu, click Save As… Choose any file type you want. You can also choose the Microsoft PowerPoint file type *.ppt or *.pptx as well. You can also refer to the list of file formats supported on this page.
  • Save the file.
Template selection in LibreOffice Impress
Template selection in LibreOffice Impress
LibreOffice Impress work area
LibreOffice Impress work area
Example of LibreOffice Impress presentation with a template
Example of LibreOffice Impress presentation with a template

Present and View Your Impress Presentation

  • If you want to present the Impress presentation, double-click on the saved file and open it via Impress.
  • To start the SlideShow, Press F5 Or click SlideShow > Start from First Slide from the menu.
  • If you want to start the presentation from any slide, go to the slide in Impress and press SHIFT+F5.
Slide show options
Slide show options


If you are a beginner in LibreOffice Impress, this tutorial may get you started with your first presentation. Drop a comment below if you are facing difficulties with your Impress presentation.

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Alfie Brown

ibreOffice Impress Slide show

It is Useless without LibreOffice installed.
Runs only from the Edit page toolbar menu, can not run it independently from a file.

I am trying to build an Family History Tree – Interactive Slide show.
I have it built, and saved as an .odp file.
But when I try to run the Show file, it opens up in Impress in Edit mode.
How do I get it to run as a Stand-alone slide show?
From the Slide-Show.odp file without LibreOffice Impress be installed?
I need to email the file to my family members, or anyone who does not have it installed.
None can run the slide show from the file as it is.
I can save it as Windows .pptx file, but interactivity is trashed, links do not work.
Creation problems:

Another shortcoming is inability to insert multipage Document.odt files into a slide.
The floating frame is postal stamp size that can not be resized, and Insert text works only for few lines of text that fits into the slide.

Working with any objects on the slide, from background to text boxes, lines or pictures is near impossible, everything can slide every which way taking the rest with it.
Some Horizontal lines just owuld not go horizontal, only on the slant. Other lines would only snap onto invisible grid lines that can not be deactivated.
There is no option to fix any slide objects into place, unless you want to specifically move them.
Spent more time fixing the layout instead of concentrating on the creation instead.


What are the three options diplayed at bottom of Insert picture dialog box ?

Tina Machado

I want to create a custom slide show with specific slides for my music. I am having trouble with the music. I am sure you can fix this. We are in a crazy world of slide shows. 😉