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More Compatibility to ppt, pptx Files in Impress

Last updated on March 31, 2020

Good News. A Dedicated Team to improve MS PowerPoint file format compatibility.

The Document Foundation (TDF) formed a dedicated three member core team to improve the Microsoft PowerPoint file (ppt, pptx) format compatibility support in LibreOffice Impress presentation suite. The team consists of Bartosz Kosiorek, nd101 and Mark Hung who are experienced in Windows file formats and fixing Impress related issues. It is a beginning of the team and more members are likely to join in future on this initiative.

LibreOffice’s QA team is currently sorting through the collections of ppt, pptx file format related issues in Impress. Once they have analysed and finalised, the work will commence.

LibreOffice Impress
LibreOffice Impress

This would indeed be a great news considering the millions of users of LibreOffice free office suite – who wants to move away from paying repeatedly for other office products. Also more support in LibreOffice for Microsoft Office file formats will boost its adoption for general users and enterprises.

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If you are interested to participate on testing the bugs or via development, you can send an email to [email protected].

If you also have a ppt, pptx file which is not looking correct in Impress, you can submit a bug report and attach the file via this link. This would help to finalize the list of items that new team would be fixing.

Via TDF Blog

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