LibreOffice 6.3 Fresh is Released. Here’s What’s New.


LibreOffice 6.3 released with more enhancements and shiny features.

The latest installment of LibreOffice 6.3 is released. LibreOffice 6.3 is a “Fresh” version of the popular free and open-source office suite. This version is the bleeding edge version with the newest features of the product of its lifecycle. Intended for early adopters, power and experienced users, LibreOffice 6.3 introduced wide range of new features across its modules – Writer, Calc, Impress and others.

LibreOffice 6.3 Running in Ubuntu
LibreOffice 6.3 Running in Ubuntu

Let’s take a look at the features that is introduced in LibreOffice 6.3.

New Features in LibreOffice 6.3

General Features – Across Modules

  • A new Tip of the Day dialog shows once daily with nifty tips for you!
new Tip of the day
new Tip of the day
  • New Redaction feature which helps you to share document after removing sensitive information with a block of color. This feature I covered when testing the beta release.
  • You can enable Redaction feature via menu Tools -> Redact. When choosing the redact option, your document opened in Draw from Writer and you can draw grey/black rectangle to remove sensitive information and directly export as PDF.
Redaction in LibreOffice 6.3
Redaction in LibreOffice 6.3
  • LibreOffice Macro Programming – Python: A new help page for Python macro programming is introduced as part of this release. You can access it here. If you would like to learn more about LibreOffice macro, visit this site where I write about Basic macro programming.
  • Filter Improvements – EMF+, PDF, OOXML, Tagged PDF.
  • Updated Notebookbar with Tabbed UI, Single UI.
  • Improvement of Form Toolbar.
  • Icon theme – Sifr and Karasa Jaga gets huge updates
  • Calc and Draw tabs are more modern and visible
New improved visibility in Tabs
New improved visibility in Tabs
  • Calc Formular bar scrolling is improved.

New and Improved Writer Features

  • The “Words With TWo INitial CApitals” AutoCorrect exception list function has been extended to also be considered when changing case in “Capitalize first letter of every sentence” and “Correct accidental use of cAPS lOCK key” functions. This allows avoid auto-capitalization in words like mRNA, iPhone, fMRI. It has been renamed to “Words With TWo INitial CApitals or sMALL iNITIAL”.
  • When you copy from Calc sheet with filtered rows/column, only visible rows/columns are now copied to Writer. Earlier it used to copy entire area irrespective of filters.
Copy Selected Cells to Writer
Copy Selected Cells to Writer
  • Page background colors/images/bitmap now covers entire page, not within the amrgin anymore.
Full page background color in 6.3
Full page background color in 6.3
  • Improvement in bottom-to-top and left-to-write writing in tables.
  • Import of Microsoft office docx drawingML group shapes to Writer.
  • Improvements in Form menu.
  • Performance improvements of loading, saving of Writer files with large bookmarks, embedded forms and large tables.

New and Improved Calc Features

  • Anchored graphics now can resize with the cell.
  • New currency symbol Russian ruble is added.

A new dropdown menu in the formula bar for quick access to common functions.

New formula Bar Menu
New formula Bar Menu
  • Improvement in statistics sampling function
  • New FOURIER() function is introduced.
  • Performance improvement of loading/saving of large ODS files.

Impress, Draw

  • Improvement of smartArt import from pptx files
  • OOXML shapes movement is improved


  • Firebird migration assistance which was experimental earlier, is now enabled by default.
  • Multiple bug fixes for import and exports.

Read the detailed release notes here.

How to Download

Head over to download link below to download LibreOffice 6.3 for Linux flavours (Ubuntu, Mint etc), Windows and MacOS.

LibreOffice also available as snap app for Linux systems which you can download and install immediately if you want to retain your older version. Follow below commands from terminal to install LibreOffice 6.3 as snap app. If you learn and configure your Linux/Ubuntu for snap – follow this guide before installing LibreOffice via snap.

sudo snap install libreoffice

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