How to Change Margins in Writer

This Writer advanced tutorial explains how to change margins in Writer – LibeOffice, OpenOffice.

Margins are very easy to change in LibreOffice Writer – the document processor. When you are trying to fit a document in some layout/ trying to print in a different page type – you need to change the margins.

This is how you can do it.

Change Margins in Writer

  • Open an empty writer document and put some text into it. Or you can open your own Writer document.
  • Open from menu – Format -> Page. On the Page style window, click on the Page tab.
  • On the Page tab, select the left – top – right – bottom margins in inches. Then press OK. You would see the custom margins are applied.
  • If you are using the latest Notebookbar Tabbed layout, you can find Margin option in Page Layout tab as below which gives you all presets and custom margin options.
  • There is another alternate way as well. While the document is open, open the right sidebar using CTRL+F5. Click on the settings gear icon and click Page.
  • Under format section, select your desired pre-defined margins to apply in your document.
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This is how you can quickly change, add margins in a Writer document.

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