Autofit Columns and Rows in LibreOffice and OpenOffice


Here’s how you can autofit columns and rows in LibreOffice and OpenOffice Calc.

Taming unwieldy columns and rows in LibreOffice and OpenOffice is easier than you think. Imagine spreadsheets that adapt to your data, eliminating the need for endless manual adjustments. This tutorial explores the magic of autofit, your key to a well-organized spreadsheet.

To demonstrate this, we prepared the below sample data. As you can see, cells B1 and A2 have data that does not fit the cell. We will show you how to autofit them to the cell width or height without manually resizing them.

Sample data to demonstrate autofit
Sample data to demonstrate autofit

Autofit rows and columns in LibreOffice and OpenOffice Calc

Single columns and rows

The most quickest way to autofit rows or columns is to Double-click on the row or column border! No menus, no fuss, just instant resize to accommodate your data’s needs. Got a row with multi-line text? Double-click its left border, and voila! It expands to reveal the hidden content. Similarly, a column overflowing with long entries? A double-click on its top border sets it right.

Here’s how it looks:

autofit rows and columns using double-click
Autofit rows and columns using double-click
Single column autofit
Single column autofit
Single row autofit
Single row autofit

Bulk autofit of the entire sheet

Need to autofit multiple rows or columns at once? There’s the best way to do it.

Select the entire workbook by clicking the tiny square at the top-left corner, then navigate to Format > Columns > Optimal Width.

The same principle applies to rows: navigate to Format > Rows > Optimal Height, and watch those row heights adapt like chameleons.

After selecting rows or columns, these two options are also available in the context menu.

Optimal width option in the context menu
Optimal width option in the context menu
Optimal heigth option in the context menu
Optimal height option in the context menu

After you select the option, LibreOffice will detect the measurement for optimal width or height automatically as shown below. Press OK without making changes.

Optimal width measurement
Optimal width measurement

Remember This! Optimal height and width options only appear when you’ve selected a row or column, respectively.

Optimal width option in OpenOffice
Optimal width option in OpenOffice

Closing Notes

With the power of autofit, say goodbye to cramped rows and overflowing columns. Embrace streamlined spreadsheets that showcase your data with clarity and precision. Remember, a well-formatted spreadsheet is not just aesthetically pleasing; it’s also easier to navigate and analyze.


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Your calc window looks really clean! Which distro, icon theme, and desktop environment are you using?