How to Add Numeric Data Validation in Calc Spreadsheet


This tutorial will explain the basics of numeric data validation in the LibreOffice Calc worksheet.

Calc provides various ways of data validation in worksheet cells – numeric validation, range validation etc. When a worksheet is used to receive input data from users, data validation can be used to restrict users from invalid data input. Let’s see how it can be done in Calc.

Numeric Data Validation in LibreOffice

I have a worksheet where I want to restrict users to input any number from 1 to 10 only.

Select the input cell and click Data > Validity.

LibreOffice Calc - Data Validation in Menu

In the Validity window, choose the following:

  • Allow: Whole Numbers
  • Data: valid range
  • Minimum: 1
  • Maximum: 10

Go to the Input Help tab and enter the message you want to show to the user when the cell is selected. The message would be shown as a popup when the cell is selected by the user.

LibreOffice Calc - Input Help

Go to the next tab, Error Alert and put the message, which can be shown as a popup error message to the user. You can opt it out by checking off the option – ‘Show error message when invalid values are entered’.

LibreOffice Calc - Input Help

Press OK once all the options are set. Now click the cell, and you can see the popup message set in the Input Help tab:

LibreOffice Calc - Input Help on Display

Now, if you try to enter any value, e.g. 20, which is invalid as per the Min and Max we have set in the Criteria tab, the popup message box will be displayed:

LibreOffice Calc - Data Validation

This is how you can implement numeric data validation by acce[ting proper values in a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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Zulkifli Mappa

Nice, but how to set (focus) the cursor back to the cell?