Add Hyperlink to Cell, Sheet, External Address in Calc

This beginner’s tutorial explains how you can add a hyperlink to a cell, sheet or any external address in LibreOffice Calc.

In LibreOffice Calc, it is possible to link to any external web address, FTP address or any URL; Not only that you can link to any cell within a sheet or workbook. This is how you can do it.

Add Hyperlink to Cell with External Address

  1. To add Hyperlink to a cell, simply click on the cell and from Menu click Insert -> Hyperlink. The keyboard shortcut is CTRL+K.
Add Web URL in Calc Cell
Add Web URL in Calc Cell
  1. In the Hyperlink dialog, on the left side select “Internet“. Enter the Web of FTP URL and then enter Text. The Text part would be displayed in the cell. Once done, press OK.
  1. Now you can press CTRL+K to follow the hyperlink.

Add Link to a cell within a Sheet

  1. To add a link to a cell within a Sheet, follow the same above process. Select a Cell, open the hyperlink dialog from the menu. In the hyperlink dialog, select “Document” on the left side. In the “Target in the document” section type the cell address e.g. G10 in Target. Click Apply.
  1. Add any text to it in the further settings section so that it shows in cell.
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Add Link to a cell in another Sheet

  1. You can also add link to another sheet or any cell. In the Hyperlink dialog box go to the Document section. Then in the “Target in the document” section type the cell address with sheet name like below.
Add reference as hyperlink
Add reference as hyperlink
  1. Now when you click on the Hyperlink, Calc automatically opens up the target cell.

Using HYPERLINK Function to create a link

You can also use HYPERLINK function in your formula to create hyperlink interactively. Syntax as follow.

  • URL: Clickable URL
  • Cell Text: Cell text to be displayed.

For example, to create a hyperlink to this website, simple use as below example.

=HYPERLINK("","Learn LibreOffice")

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