Change Slide Background Color in LibreOffice Impress


This beginner’s guide explains the steps to change slide background color in LibreOffice Impress.

Although, changing the background color of a single slide or all slide is pretty straight forward still for beginner’s it worthwhile to create an article.

How to Change Slide Background Color

Single slide

  • To change the slide background color in LibreOffice impress for a single slide, select a slide. 
  • Then from menu, Click Slide --> Properties
  • In the Slide setup dialog, go to Background Tab, click on the Color button. Choose the color of your choice and click ok. 
Color - Page setup window
Color – Page setup window
  • The color will be applied to the currently selected slide.
  • To apply to the entire presentation i.e. all the slides, follow the next steps.

All Slides

  • To apply a background color to all slides, you have to change the Master Slide or we call it Slide Master.
  • Slide Master contains your presentation’s primary style slides. Whenever you make a change in Slide Master, it gets applied to all the slides in your presentation.
  • Select any slide and in the right sidebar, click properties.
  • Under Slide, click Master View.
LibreOffice Impress - Master Slide Option
LibreOffice Impress – Master Slide Option
  • Now you can change the background color in the master view and Click Close Master View.
Master View - Impress
Master View – Impress
  • The color will be applied to all the slides in your presentation.

Usage Notes

  • To remove the color from the background, click on the Slide Properties to pull up slide Setup dialog. In the Slide setup dialog, click on the NONE button and press OK. This will remove the color.
  • Apart from color, you can also have the option to change slide background with Gradient, Any Image, Patterns, and Hatch.

LibreOffice Manual

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This seems outdated. Can someone provide more current instructions?

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