Protect LibreOffice Document with Password

This quick guide would teach you how to protect a LibreOffice document with a password.

This guide applicable across all major LibreOffice modules – Calc, Draw, Writer and Impress.

There are four types of protection available in LibreOffice. They are –

  • Protecting a document with a password while saving (uses a password)
  • Protecting revision making (uses a password)
  • Protecting frame, graphics and OLE objects
  • Protecting drawing objects, frame objects


If you forget/lose the password which was used to protect the document, you would never be able to open the document as LibreOffice encrypts the document with strong encryption. So, it is recommended to save the password using any password manager or memorize it.

Protecting a document with password

  • To protect a document using a password while saving follow these steps.
  • From the File menu, click Save As. In the Save As dialog, mark the “Save with Password” option (see below).
  • Click Save.
  • Enter your own password in the “Set Password” window.
  • You can also mark the document as Read-Only and can be editable once correct password is entered.
  • Press Ok.
Set the document password
Set the document password
  • You are all set. Now anyone who opens the file would get below password prompt and the document is visible only with a correct password.
Password prompt - Open
Password prompt – Open

Remove the Password

  • To remove the password which is set using the above steps, simply open the file with the correct password.
  • Go to Save As dialog again, uncheck the Save with Password option.
  • Save the file.
  • This would remove the password from your LibreOffice document.
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Protecting revision making (uses a password)

Choose Edit – Track Changes – Protect Changes. Enter and confirm a password of at least one character.

Protecting frame, graphics and OLE objects

Choose Format – Image – Options tab. Under Protect, mark Contents, Position and/or Size.

Protecting drawing objects, frame objects

Format – Object – Position and Size – Position and Size tab. Mark the Position or Size checkbox.


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