Create Link to a Section of the Same Document in LibreOffice Writer


This quick guide explains the steps to help you to create link to section of a LibreOffice writer document.

In the earlier guide, we explained how to create hyperlinks in the LibreOffice Writer document. A hyperlink can be any external link to a document or a web address. But creating a hyperlink to a section of the same document a little bit different. Here’s how you can do.

Link to a Section of the Same Document in LibreOffice Writer

We will use the built-in Bookmark function to create a link to a section.

  • Open the Writer document of yours where you want to create a link.
  • For this example, I have the following document which has two pages. We are going to create a link on Page 1 which says “Go to Section A” on page 2.
Demo document section
Demo document section
  • Select the link or put the cursor on page 2 (where you want to reach when clicked from page 1).
  • While keeping the cursor in that section, from the menu, open Insert > Bookmark. Alternatively, if you are using Tabbed Bar style, click Bookmark from Insert Tab.
  • In the Bookmark dialog, give the name of your bookmark. For example, section A – page 2. And click Insert.
  • Open the Bookmark window again to verify whether it is created properly.
Bookmark dialog in Writer
Bookmark dialog in Writer
  • Go to page 1 (where you want to create a link) and select the word/line.
  • From the menu, select Insert > Hyperlink. For Tabbed bar style, go to Insert Tab and click on the Hyperlink option.
  • On the Hyperlink window, click Document on the Left.
  • Under Target in Document, click on the small scope icon. And Select created bookmark name under Bookmark. Click Apply. And again click Apply on the Hyperlink window.
Create link to section of Writer Document
Create link to section of Writer Document

You should be seeing a link created to a section of the page. You can now CTRL+CLICK to navigate to your bookmark.

Created link
Created link

Modifying Bookmark

  • You can open the bookmark window in a similar way and select a bookmark. Then you can either rename or delete it. Or insert a new one again.
  • Created hyperlinks also can be modified using the same Hyperlink window. You can also change the label text of the Link and many other settings.


  • Press F5 to open the Navigator and browse through bookmarks.
  • Right-click on the page number at the bottom bar to view the list of bookmark available.

I hope this guide helps you to create a link to the same document in Writer. Remember, that you can also create a Table Of Contents if you want to organize your document via headings, chapters, etc.

Also, let me know if this helps you Or, if you are facing any trouble.

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