How to Export LibreOffice Base Table Data to CSV or Spreadsheet


This guide explains the simplest method to export LibreOffice Base table data to CSV via a Calc spreadsheet.

For many workflows, you may need to export the LibreOffice Base table content to a spreadsheet for further data investigation. Although you can do the same with SQL query, it’s easier to view the data in a Calc spreadsheet, perform filters, etc.

This is especially needed when you have thousands of rows of data. And this is how you can export them easily.

Export LibreOffice Base Database to Spreadsheet

Here’s a sample table data for this guide which I want to export.

Sample table data for exporting
Sample table data for exporting

Open LibreOffice Base database. Once in the main window, open a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet from the menu File > New > Spreadsheet.

Now, click on the Tables on the left pane.

You should see the list of tables in your database.

Right-click on the table whose data you want to export to a CSV file.

Click on Copy.

Select copy from the context menu to export the table data
Select copy from the context menu to export the table data

Go back to your LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet.

Select cell A1 and right-click. From the context menu, select Paste.

And you should see your LibreOffice base table data in your spreadsheet.

Select option Paste in Calc spreadsheet
Select option Paste in Calc spreadsheet
After copying the data
After copying the data

Export as CSV

Once you have the data in Calc, you can select File > Save As and choose CSV file type while saving the data.

Select the CSV option from save-as dialog
Select the CSV option from save-as dialog

Also, you can copy the exported data from Calc to the Writer document or in the Impress presentation.

Closing Notes

I hope this guide helps you to export data to your needed formats from the LibreOffice Base database. It’s so helpful for many use cases. Unfortunately, the option is trivial and not exposed to the user interface. Beginner users may find it difficult to discover it.

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