Split a Worksheet View – LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc provides a way to view a Calc spreadsheet in split manner.

If you are working in a large worksheet, scrolling is sometimes difficult for your productivity. This is where split is useful.

Split Rows

To create a split view, click on the small icon (see below image) at the right-top section of Calc.


Click and hold, then drag it down.

Then you have the same sheet with two views. If whatever changes you do in any of the view, is reflected in the other view.

Split Columns

Similarly you can split the columns as well. Click the below icon near bottom-right section in the Calc.



Row and Column Split Together



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Add, Insert, Delete, Copy, Move, Rename a Worksheet in LibreOffice Calc

A new workbook contains only one Sheet named “Sheet1” in Calc by default.


To add a worksheet, Click on the small “+” sign at the bottom-left beside the first sheet. See below image.


After you clicked that, Sheet2 would be added.


Right click on the Sheet name (e.g. Sheet1, Sheet2 etc) and choose option “Insert Sheet”. A new dialog would be opened which contains various options of inserting sheet:






  • Choose “Before Current Sheet” if you want the new sheet to be inserted before the Sheet where you right-clicked.
  • Choose “After Current Sheet” if you want the new sheet to be inserted after the Sheet where you right-clicked.


  • If you want to insert only one Sheet, provide “No of sheets:” = 1 and choose a name.
  • If you want to insert multiple sheet, provide “No of sheets:” = any number you want. Those many number of sheets would be inserted with names in numeric order – sheet3, sheet4, sheet5.



To delete a sheet, right-click on the sheet which you want to delete. In the context menu, choose “Delete Sheet”.


Choose Yes in the confirmation window.




To move or copy a sheet before or after an existing sheet OR move a sheet at the end of all the sheets, choose option ‘Move/Copy Sheets’ by right clicking on the sheet which you want to move/copy.


To move: Choose option “Move” and choose where you want to move from “Insert before” sheet list.



To copy: Choose option “Copy” and choose where you want to move from “Insert before” sheet list. While copying you can also give new name to the copied sheet from “New Name” text box.



Right click on the sheet which you want to rename and choose option “Rename Sheet”.


A new pop-up would be open, give the new name and press OK.



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Create, Save, Open and Close a Workbook in LibreOffice Calc

This beginner tutorial would show you how to Create, Save, Open and Close a Workbook in LibreOffice Calc.


Workbook is nothing but the Calc file itself. Typically, a workbook contains multiple worksheets. Worksheets are the “tabs” named “Sheet1”, “Sheet2” etc.
To create a workbook follow below steps:

Click File -> New -> Spreadsheet OR press key – CTRL+N


A new spreadsheet would open which you can use for your purpose.


Save options are present in File menu.

Save option saves the file with updated content.
Save As option can save the file in desired path with a new file name.
Save a copy saves a copy of the current open workbook in a desired path.

Save to a Remote Server option saves to a remote disk/storage/cloud storage such as Google Drive. Once you click this option, below dialog would open:


Click on the Add Service button. In the next dialog, choose your desired remote destination and provide credentials.


Currently below are the services available in LibreOffice Calc 5+.

  • Google Drive
  • Alfresco 4/5
  • IBM FileNet P8
  • Lotus Live Files
  • Lotus Quickr Domino
  • Nuxeo 5.4
  • OpenDataSpace
  • OpenText ELS 10.2.0
  • SharePoint 2010
  • SharePoint 2013
  • WebDav
  • FTP
  • SSH
  • Windows Share



Open option opens a Calc workbook file. You can choose the path with open file dialog and choose a file to be opened.



Close option closes the currently opened Calc file.


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