How to Change Page Size in LibreOffice Draw

This beginner’s tutorial shows how to change the canvas page size with different styles in LibreOffice Draw.

Changing page size if often needed for different needs. You might want to use A4 size for drawing, Or a bigger A3 size. Whatever the size is LibreOffice Draw have it and it can be easily customized.



  • Open LibreOffice Draw and open a black drawing document.
  • Right click on the page canvas and select Page -> Properties Or From menu, select Page -> Properties
Draw - Page Properties
Draw – Page Properties
  • On the opened Page Setup dialog, select the Page tab.
  • In the Page tab, select your desired format of paper from a predefined values (e.g. A4, A3 etc).
    Or you can add Width and Height.
  • If you want to change the orientation, you may choose Landscape or Portrait.
  • You can set the margins as well.
Page Properties Dialog - Page tab
Page Properties Dialog – Page tab
  • Once done, press OK.
  • The selected page formatting would be applied to the canvas. Note that, the same page formatting will be applied to all the pages.

That’s how you can change the page size, orientations and margins of a Draw canvas document.

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