Check Multiple Conditions Using IFS Function in LibreOffice Calc

This guide explains how you can check for multiple conditions in Calc using IFS function.

Generic Formula

=IFS(test1, result1, [test2, result2],...)

test1: First logical test

result1: result when test1 is true.

test2, result2 [optional] – second test value pair.

Explanation of IFS Function

When you need to check for multiple conditions in a single Calc cell, you should use the IFS function. For example, we have a cell having marks and we have to determine the grade for it based on a certain range of marks as below.

You can find out the grade of any marks based on a series of conditions. For example, if your mark is 55, you can try out the below formula to find out the grade.


Similarly, you can change the above formula to find out marks by changing guideline grades.

Notes on IFS Function

  • There is no way to set a default value in IFS if all the conditions are either TRUE or FALSE. In those cases, keep the last condition test as TRUE or FALSE hard-coded and return a value.
  • If all the conditions are FALSE, then IFS returns #N/A error.