Decimal Places in LibreOffice Calc

This tutorial would explain how to show fewer decimal places in a Calc Cell. Show Few Decimal Places Any decimal number that contains multiple digits after the point can be entered in a Cell. However if the digits are huge, it is


How to Add Numeric Data Validation in Calc Spreadsheet

This tutorial will explain the basics of numeric data validation in LibreOffice Calc worksheet. Calc provides various ways of data validation in worksheet cells – numeric validation, range validation etc. When a worksheet is used to receive input data from users, data

Basics of Find, Replace in LibreOffice Calc

This article explains how to perform basic search and replace in a Calc spreadshet. Find Spreadsheet may contains thousands of data. Find or Search functions used to locate a string/text in a spreadsheet. You can find option in Calc Menu : Edit

Format Cells In LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc allows you to format cells in any type without changing its value. You can change a value “0.5” to “50%” or “$0.5”, or change the appearance of the cell itself. Format Cells in Calc Type any number in any cell

Split a Worksheet View – LibreOffice Calc

LibreOffice Calc provides a way to view a Calc spreadsheet in split manner. If you are working in a large worksheet, scrolling is sometimes difficult for your productivity. This is where split is useful. Split Rows To create a split view, click

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